Eye care services at Heatherhill Eye Centre

The eye care experts at Heatherhill are fully focussed on your wellbeing, offering you the very best in tests, treatments, services and surgeries with comprehensive follow up and care.

Allergic and inflammatory eye conditions

Allergic and inflammatory eye conditions are extremely common.

The most common condition is conjunctivitis which is inflammation of the thin clear tissue lining the inner part of the eyelid and covering the white area of the eyeball.

Most allergic and inflammatory eye conditions are easily diagnosed and treated.


Blepharoplasty is surgery to correct redundant skin causing droopy eyelids (ptosis).

Sometimes if severe, the ptosis can obscure the patient’s eyesight.

This procedure can be for either elective/cosmetic or medical reasons.

Blepharoplasty also includes eyelid surgery for other indications such as entropion (inward turning eyelid) or ectropion (outward turning eyelid).

Botox: Blepharospasm & Hemifacial spasm

Blepharospasm and hemifacial spasm are neurological conditions where the nerves in the face and eyelids twitch. The eyelids can sometimes be forced shut.

At Heatherhill, we can diagnose this condition and apply Botox injections to the area to reduce your symptoms and relieve discomfort.

Cataract surgery

Cataract is a common condition where the lens of the eye becomes cloudy and impairs vision.

During surgery, we remove the cloudy lens and insert an artificial lens to successfully restore vision.

Cataract surgery is quick, simple, safe and reliable.

We perform it on a regular basis for our patients who happily enjoy excellent results.

Corneal grafts and collagen cross linking

Corneal grafts and collagen cross linking are used to treat Keratoconus which occurs when the normally round cornea begins to thin and become conical in shape.

This can result in double or blurry vision and eventually significant loss of vision.

Early detection and the use of collagen cross linking can halt progression. Severe cases can be treated with corneal grafting.

Diabetic eye disease

Diabetic eye disease, or diabetic retinopathy, is caused when blood sugar levels are chronically high (hyperglycaemia) or varied.

This can damage the capillaries in the eye which can lead to vision loss and eventual blindness.

Regular eye exams can detect diabetic retinopathy in its early stages, and we can design a treatment plan to suit your needs.

Eye injuries

Traumatic eye injuries, such as small particles of metal or other foreign bodies embedding themselves in the eye need to be treated urgently.

Minor procedures can be attended to in our rooms meaning hospital admission may not be necessary.

Glaucoma Management

Glaucoma, often associated with increased pressure inside the eye, is the leading cause of vision impairment or blindness in people over 40.

Early detection and treatment can prevent or reduce the irreversible loss of vision in the majority of patients.

We offer personalised and closely managed glaucoma care to prevent progression.

Laser refractive surgery

Laser refractive surgery, or laser eye surgery, corrects common eye issues such as short and long sightedness and astigmatism.

Surgery, via a non-invasive laser method, reshapes the cornea to restore normal vision.

The procedure and recovery are both quick, and it delivers reliable results that for many, are described as life-changing.

Macular degeneration

Macular degeneration is an eye disease responsible for 50% of all blindness in Australia.

Because degeneration is generally slow and painless, regular eye examinations are critical for early detection.

At Heatherhill, we provide you with the best advice, treatment options and ongoing care.

Paediatric eye care

At Heatherhill Eye Centre, we prioritise your child’s optical health.

We manage and treat a variety of children’s eye problems from conjunctivitis and strabismus (squint) to retinopathy of prematurity and other congenital eye conditions. We take great care to ensure that you understand any diagnosis or treatment plan your child requires.


Pterygiums are a growth of pink fleshy tissue on the conjunctiva of the eye.

It’s a very common condition affecting men and women, particularly those exposed to regular sun.

Diagnosis is simple and they’re not dangerous or painful. Treatment options (usually surgical) are straightforward and can be performed in our rooms.

Retinal vascular disease

There are a range of eye diseases that affect the blood vessels in the eye.

Generally, an underlying vascular disease such as high blood pressure, diabetes and atherosclerosis are the cause.

With an early diagnosis, we can design an individual treatment plan to best suit your requirements.


Uveitis is the term given to a group of conditions that affect the uvea of the eye.

Inflammatory in nature, these conditions cause swelling and damage to the eye tissue which can result in reduced vision or severe vision loss.

Clinical eye examinations can diagnose the exact nature of the disease which can then be treated accordingly.

YAG laser

Occasionally after cataract surgery, the capsule into which the newly inserted replacement lens is placed can start to thicken. This is called opacification.

YAG laser is used to clear this opacification and is also useful in preventative treatment of narrow angle glaucoma.

Both procedures can be performed in our rooms and recovery from both is swift.

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